A child executes an Animal Flow movement

Animal Flow


Animal Flow for Kids

A great movement system that helps to restore the basics of natural movement by improving movement patterns. The kids' cognitive abilities are improved, neuromuscular strength and eye coordination are trained.

Children often seem misbehaved when they do not have an outlet for the amount of energy that they contain. Most times children will communicate that by overactive behaviour or getting bored easily. Hence why it is so important to allow a child the space to think, breathe and move in order to further develop etc.  

A great place to start is out in parks or in nature. What I have realised is, that the generation of today are slowly losing their proprioception.... it is a sense that tells the body where it is in space. It's very important for the brain, as it plays a large role in self- regulation, co-ordination, posture, body awareness, the ability to focus and speech. In today┬┤s world children and adults are found spending minimum hours moving and maximum hours sitting on their Computers, Nintendos, Smartphones etc. all of which contribute to limitations or pose functional issues in the future!

Animal Flow for Kids is a great movement system tool that helps to restore the basics, to improve movement patterns, awaken the neuromuscles by reactivating them through connecting to the ground whilst on hands and feet.  The benefits of children doing animal flow is that they will most definately improve their cognitive skills (using both sides of the body - aka brain by strengthing what is used less), improves neuromuscular strength, eye co-ordination (great for athlethics i.e. sports in general, tennis, baseball, etc.) it improves flexibility, stability equalling mobility, strength in motion working every deep tissue muscle as well as the main muscle groups thus creating a good strong core which poses for great posture from the cervical spine through to the lumbar region!

The motorskills are often an issue with children and this playful sport is a wonderful tool to enhance their motorskills by incorporating in the programme games with tennis balls, soft balls, and other creative methods that we intergrate with Animal Flow for kids.  Animal Flow is not only challenging but a fun creative way to unblock unused energy and spread it across the global chain!

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